Earn US Dollar Points

Elevate Your Rewards Experience To New Levels

Earn US Dollars

Experience unparalleled rewards with SWiM REWARDS, where your loyalty is celebrated. Convert your hard-earned loyalty points into real US Dollar cash back for tangible value. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to cash in hand.

Unlock SWiM REWARDS: Earn US Dollars
Redeem SWiM REWARDS Points

Redeem SWiM REWARDS Points

Redeem SWiM REWARDS loyalty points for instant US Dollar cash back, turning loyalty into financial gratification. Convert points earned from payments and purchases made on SWiM PAY into real-world currency, merging payments with economic empowerment.

No More Waiting

No more waiting or settling for unwanted merchandise. SWiM REWARDS makes it easy to earn and seamlessly convert points into cash. Enjoy the benefits hassle-free and appreciate your payments journey and SWiM REWARDS experience.

No More Waiting
Loyalty Deserves More Than a Number

Loyalty Means You Are More Than Just A Number

We value your loyalty and consider you far more than just a number. This is why SWiM REWARDS empowers you to turn your loyalty points into a tangible reflection of your commitment. Start your journey to financial liberation today by redeeming SWiM REWARDS points for cash back. Elevate your rewards experience to new levels and create lasting value.